Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

It is a very old holistic treatment which is done by the placement of crystals in the body and its surroundings. Although there is not much medical evidence, it has been used for centuries for peace, relaxation, harmony and many other reasons, and it is still widely used today. Crystal therapy is a non-invasive, relaxing, natural and enjoyable process. Even if you do not believe in the physical healing properties of the crystals, therapy will give you a chance to rest and get in touch with the energies of your body; so you leave the therapy room, refreshed and stress-free – the perfect therapy for improving physical health.


Formation of stones – movements of the world and transformation of stones

Different types of stones and how they are formed

Mohs scale7 crystal system and samples

Amorphous minerals

Crystal system characteristics

Crystal system properties

Growth structures of crystals

Investigation and investigation of 72 certain crystals and minerals




Skeleton system

The main organs of the body

The body’s systems and what they do

General ailments

The endocrine system and the secretory glands

The connection of endocrine system with chakras

Psychological causes and effects of disorders

Aura layers and function

Chakras – 7 main chakras and Soul Star and Earth Star

Important secondary chakras

Function of meridians and bond of subtle anatomy

The effects of the subtle body on the physical body

Recognize and feel the ways of; thinking, hooks, damage to the aura and chakras


Basic knowledge

What is healing with crystals and how it works

How to choose crystals

Clean, raise energy and maintain after work

Programming quartz for different purposes

Activating crystals, harmonizing with them



What is colour – our perceptions, connections with crystallography

Our emotional and physical ties to colours

Connection of colours with chakras and aura

The connection of colours with crystals and minerals


Raising intuition and awareness

The use of visualization – for ourselves and others

Meditation techniques and breathing

To open up to high guidance safely and work within the framework of Spiritual Laws

Spiritual cleansing, bringing discipline and spirituality to our lives

Feeling and communicating with crystals – intuitively exploring and researching 72 crystals and minerals

To recognize and study the different manifestations of Quartz. In-depth examination of stones from different sources and in different formation

Feel and use high-vibration crystals

Personal guides, protectors and methods of working with light beings

Intuitive scanning techniques and feeling energy levels. Recognize, understand and work on past life pieces and bonds

Working intuitively with grids, webs and mandalas


Responsibilities of the healer

Psychic protection, support and preventive routines

Clean and protect the area

Balancing and grounding ourselves and our clients

Coping with recovery crises

Heal ourselves and take care of ourselves

Contraindications to treatment

Clients history and record keeping

Behaviour, ethics, payment and consent

Practical aspects of managing an office



Techniques and tools

Use of crystal pendulum



Defining the energy level

Screening with crystals and energy – for yourself and your clients

Working with rod, pyramid sphere and laser

Directing energy using pointed quartz

Layouts, templates and improvement methods

Main and secondary chakras


Special physical and emotional situations

Grounding, balancing, cleaning and energy upgrading


Healing routines

Field preparation

Preparing the client

Choosing treatment

Balancing and strengthening the chakras and aura

Diagnostic techniques

Place and time of placing stones, hand positions

Post-treatment care and advice to the client

Cleaning of areas and tools after treatment

Remote healing with energy and crystals

Build a grid in the field – 6-pointed star, 12-pointed star, pyramids

Sacred geometry

Working with grids / networks

Network experience

Create networks

Precious stones essences, oils and aura sprays

Complete healing session skills