This training is a powerful and transformative key for therapists, psychologists and coaching professionals who want to improve themselves in the field of spiritual and personal development.

The hypnotherapy diploma program provides participants a vital resource for healing, healing, transformation, and spiritual development by gaining the skills and ability to use hypnosis techniques.

This diploma program teaches you how to work with your clients or yourself in a professional and effective manner with trance. Working in depth with emotions and thoughts gives the ability to solve the problem. It provides a unique, client-oriented solution and healing technique.

In addition to theoretical training, you will learn the practical applications and different techniques of hypnotic trance and you will have the opportunity to work safely with each other.

Energy Healing

Energy (magnetic energy field around living things) healing is an energy-based approach to health and healing. Energetic cleansing and balancing of people and areas are performed using hands in these non-invasive techniques, which affect the physical, mental, emotional and mental health of the person.

With the discovery of quantum physics, evidence has emerged to support the concept that matter is composed of layers of energy. Indigenous cultures have worked with energy fields for many years, positively affecting the health of the body, and many traditions around the world have explored how it can be used in medical practice. The Chinese healers, who first described the twelve major meridians or energy pathways in the body, manipulated the flow of energy to influence the health of the physical body. This is called Energy Healing.

Crystal Healing

It is a very old holistic treatment which is done by the placement of crystals in the body and its surroundings. Although there is not much medical evidence, it has been used for centuries for peace, relaxation, harmony and many other reasons, and it is still widely used today. Crystal therapy is a non-invasive, relaxing, natural and enjoyable process. Even if you do not believe in the physical healing properties of the crystals, therapy will give you a chance to rest and get in touch with the energies of your body; so you leave the therapy room, refreshed and stress-free – the perfect therapy for improving physical health.


Intuition, also known as “sixth sense” is the sensing ability that is present in everyone and used in daily life frequently.

You will learn that there are ways in which you can develop this extraordinary ability. You can improve your intuition and raise your awareness.

Intuition is part of us. When we ignore them, we also deny who we are. If we understand and learn who we are, perceive what we can do, the chaos in our lives will decrease.


By reprogramming your subconscious, you will be adding benefits to your life and your efforts, if you apply the techniques you learn regularly, productivity will increase and it is used by many famous athletes.



What is chakra

Importance of chakras

Chakras in our bodies

Chakras and anatomy

Chakra Cleansing Work

Aura Reading

Aura is the energy field surrounding the body. By reading the colors of the aura, physical or mental imbalances occur due to various reasons and the necessary therapy is applied or the patient is advised to consult a doctor for medical assistance. In addition, blockages that occur in the person’s energy field can be opened by seeing the aura and energy. Besides, this magnetic energy field which we call aura carries information about the person.