Yes, it is part of the safe and natural human experience. You are always protected by the subconscious and trance is a daily part of our lives. We are adept at using it, we just don’t know it.

Anyone who requires and concentrates few minutes can go in to trance

Trance is a slightly different experience for everyone. Most people find it very enjoyable and soothing say that they have never felt so relaxed before.

No. Hypnosis is a complementary therapy and should be used in combination with traditional treatments.

No. trance is a state of mind that needs your cooperation. In hypnosis, no one can oppose his own behaviour. Most children, if they wish, enter the trance very easily. With the adolescents who are brought by their families, the therapist’s work is very difficult if he cannot provide a bond. “I will work with you only if you want, that is your own special choice”.

Will power has no place in the process

Wrong, the higher the intelligence, culture and the imagination, the better.

No. A professional hypnotist who knows what  he is doing doesn’t need such things; he/she will talk you in to an enjoyable trance.

Quite the contrary, the client is under the control of his own trance and will help and do the right things.

No. This cannot be. Most people do not want to return to normal perception because they enjoy being in the trance, however, they leave the trance as soon as they are ready.

No. There is no such thing as losing consciousness. 90% of the clients are aware of what is happening around them. Sounds, music, smells etc.

No way. The hypnotherapist cannot force anyone to do anything against their will. You don’t have to accept any suggestions you don’t like.

No. Hypnosis is not a truth serum. You can choose what you want to tell.

No. As much chance as a hairdresser or a plumber. But how you choose your hairdresser to be skilled, it is more important to choose a skilled, professional hypnotherapist.

No. A good hypnotherapist personalizes their therapies to suit the client’s needs. It’s unethical for him/her to tell you how many sessions you’ll be needing.

Usually no. Most people get a lot out of a session, smokers rarely go more than once and NLP clears phobias in one session.